We do have to talk about money.  Here goes…

We use project rate pricing so you know what you are getting and what it will cost.  You won’t see those hourly out of control cost increases!


One Song -up to 16 Tracks  $110.00  ($5 each additional track)
One Song -up to 20 Tracks  $130.00  ($5 each additional track)
Rate includes 2 rounds of mix revisions per song.

Six Song Package $700.00  (Additional $120.00 per song)

-Online service available. You send your music files, we send you a mix!
-Mixing services do not include vocal tuning, comping or drum editing.  SAVE MONEY and TIME by doing your own editing.  However, those services are available.


$750 each 16 track song.  -We will discuss costs for additional tracks.
Record track by track or ‘track live’.
Standard overdubbing is $45 an hour.  1 hour minimum.


$40 each song.
Album package $30 a song (five song minimum)
-includes song order layout, embedded metadata and ISRC codes.


You have some thoughts – We have ideas.  Go ahead and contact Sticky, let’s talk.

Cuervo    $3.00

Bring on the questions!  Contact Stickie.