Our services Include:  – Mixing – Recording – Mastering –
– Production, including Creative Collaboration –


If you already have your tracks recorded and need them brought together in a special way, look no further.
We’ll give your song balance, punch and color:  Impact!

Included in our flat rate pricing, we use the latest and most advanced virtual analog technology:
Presonus Studio One Pro  –  Slate Digital  –  Eventide  –  Relab
Celemony  –  Waves  –  Eiosis  –  branworx  –  Klanghelm

You’ll get compression, colorful EQ, panning and balance that will allow your creativity to shine through.
Your tracks will have that depth, tone and clarity you imagine.  Check these mixes!

Send us your digital tracks.  We make it super-simple to submit your tracks online!

We accept 16/24bit, 44.1/48khz .wav/.aiff files.  The tracks should be provided dry without processing, unless you use pedals or effects to ‘get your sound’.


Our recording services are tailored to the needs of the artist. 

Stickface can provide a configuration to suit the needs of your recording project.  We record all types of audio projects: full albums, EPs and single songs.

We can record your single track and multi-track instrument and vocal overdubs.  Many of our clients start their projects in their own studios and bring them in for help with final touches to include overdubs, mixing and mastering.

Stickface houses a collection of guitars, amplifiers and keyboards along with acoustic and electronic drums.  We have a diverse mic locker and preamps.  You will get the sound you are looking for.


We will work with you, your arrangements, your creativity and guide you through the process. 
A good recording and mix is not the same as a pleasing arrangement with a great melody and musical chord changes.  You want your song flow to hold your listener.
We can identify what works in your song and what can be better.  Our unbiased ear will help you pull your notes, chords, melodies and harmonies together and make them flow.
Collaborative Writing Production- We can dig even deeper
When you need a rewrite- we’re here for you.  We can help you rewrite a section or we can help you write an entire song.

Stumped?  Blocked?  Just bring your idea!  This exclusive service is all you need.

We can create custom tracks from your ideas or guide your band to the best possible performance.


Mastering is the final step in audio production process before replication or duplication. 

We add the final touch that makes a song sound finished and playable in a variety of settings and systems.
When mastering a number songs for an EP or album, we create a cohesive flow, an album, for the listener.
Each of your songs’ metadata will be embedded, including ISRC codes.

When submitting songs for mastering only, it is important the songs have no final compression or limiting and you leave an average of -6db headroom.